About HYC

HYC is a select group of couples who enjoy the fun lifestyle. We cater for couples who:

  • Enjoy socialising with other couples in a relaxed environment.
  • Love to go out for a drink, or a bite to eat, or even party till the sun comes up.
  • Enjoy a flexible lifestyle!
  • Just because life is hectic, does not mean you have to miss out on the greater things in life, nor should you settle for second best. Hot Young Couples does what it can to make sure you enjoy the greater things in life....
  • Our invite-only affairs are hosted at some of Perth’s most popular bars and create the opportunity for new and experienced RHP members to meet in a relaxed and stylish atmosphere. Stay for a few drinks, meet some new friends and then take it from there… no expectations.

  • With an eye for quality, we use a screening process to ensure that only the finest of RHP are invited. If you’ve had any “surprises” in the past you’ll understand why this is such an advantage.

Hot Young Couples